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What should I do if my labor shoes grind feet?

Safety shoes are the protection shoes for all front-line workers , such as machine manufacturing, construction sites, railway construction, coal mining, mold production etc. Newly bought safety shoes always grind the feet, even some brand-name safety shoes , which cost hundreds of money, so that workers wear very painful!

There are a few tips for solving grinding feet and pinching feet of the new safety shoes to share with you. There are two places where the feet are most likely to be grind, one is the heel and the other is the outside of the big toe (position of the steel head).

  1. Use a wet towel to cover the position of safety shoes where to grind feet for a few minutes, then wrap a dry soft towel around the place where the feet are squeezed, knock a few times with a hammer, knock flat the shoe place where the feet are grinded. It will be comfortable when the leather becomes soft and level.

2. Take a newspaper, knead it into a ball, dip a little water, don’t get too wet, but make the whole paper ball get the water, then take another dry newspaper to wrap it, and stuff it in the place of shoes where the feet are grinded, then seal it in a plastic bag for overnight. It is ok.

3. If the labor shoes are pinch feet for the reason of too small, you may cover it to wet with a wet towel, and then use the shoes wedge to make it bigger. It will turns comfortable to wear.

4. Before wearing the safety shoes, first use a piece of soap (or a normal candle) to apply a thin layer on the part that has the most contact with the heel, so that the shoe will become smooth and no longer grinding your feet.

5. No matter which position of the shoes to grind your feet, you can apply a little white wine on it. I promise it is ok.

6. If newly bought safety shoes grind feet, you can make the heel and the front pressure foot soften with a hair dryer before wearing, and the effect is good.

7. Go to the supermarket to buy the heel stickers, follow the instructions to paste it on the heel position. Not only does it not grind the ankles, but it also makes the safety shoes more suitable for the feet, very good.

Choosing the safety shoes produced by well-known safety shoe manufacturers basically guarantees that the shoes steel toes will not grind feet, but there are also some people are easier to grind feet  with special foot shapes, such as: wide feet, big toe valgus, high insteps, fat and thick feet. If labor shoes grinding your feet, the above methods can be tried.

Post time: Dec-24-2018
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